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Everyone has options.


It's not as bad as you might think.
Here's what you should know.


It's a good place to be and an even better place to stay. Here's how.

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Finding out that you're HIV positive can be a lot to process. We're here to tell you that you're not alone. Many people with HIV continue to live long and happy lives with families and relationships. But seeking immediate medical treatment is key.

The Next Steps

Blood Test Blood Test
Get a blood test to confirm your results
Medical Care Medical Care
Seek medical care right away
Medication Medication
Stay current with your HIV medication

For more information, visit us at HIVAZ.ORG

Let's Keep It That Way

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Your status may have been a mystery but HIV isn't. By learning the basics of HIV prevention and establishing clear boundaries with friends and partners, you can greatly reduce your risk of infection in the future.

The Basics

Tested Regularly Tested Regularly
Get tested regularly
Parnters Status Parnters Status
Know the status of your sexual partners
Limit Partners Limit Partners
Limit the number of your sexual partners
Consider PrEP, a new HIV prevention option
Condoms Condoms
Use condoms for added protection

For more information, visit us at HIVAZ.ORG